About Digital now

Our story

We are a data-driven digital marketing agency founded in 2016 by Javier Chapto, who currently plays the role of director.

Javier Chapto is a Business Administration graduate at Universidad de San Andrés and has experience managing more than US $ 5.000.000 in campaigns such as Falabella, Natura, Clarín y La Salteña, and start-ups like Trocafone and Craft Society.


"We hired Digital Now to run our campaigns of digital marketing through the years 2017-2019. Javier managed our account in an excellent way".
Alejandro Romeo
CEO at GNC Live Well Argentina
"Javier is passionate and proactive when it comes to digital marketing.
Always looking to perform better, he was really valuable in our team".
Matías Viel
CEO of Beeflow
"I had the pleasure of working with Javier a few years back. He's a good professional, really smart, hard worker and detail-oriented.
I recommend him".
Paula Juarez Peñalva
Team Leader at Harren Media
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